High-Performance Spectrally Selective Glass

Who doesn’t want to have bright natural light bathing every room of their home? Natural light makes a home seem open and inviting, plus you reduce daytime energy costs since you won’t need to turn on the lights! Unfortunately, sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause a variety of issues such as heat gain or fabric and carpet fading. 

Spectrally Selective Glass

At Armstrong, we have always aimed to provide our clients with the best and latest technology to protect their homes as well as the environment. That’s why Armstrong Replacement Windows feature high-performance spectrally selective glass to allow natural light into your home while protecting it from harmful UV rays.

How Spectrally Selective Glass Can Save You Money

The glass of Armstrong replacement windows features spectrally selective glazing that permits some portions of the solar spectrum to pass through it while blocking others. This high-performance glazing enables as much daylight as possible to pass through the window while controlling solar heat gains in summer, preventing loss of interior heat in winter. As a result, you are able to make maximum use of daylight and reduce energy consumption.

Why Choose Armstrong Replacement Windows?

Armstrong replacement windows are one of the most beautiful, feature-rich replacement windows available at any price. By offering you features like high-performance spectrally selective glass, we not only help you maintain a comfortable living environment but we also help you reduce your utility costs.

At Armstrong, we assure you that our replacement window installation will be covered by one of the best warranties in America. Our company has built a trusted reputation in the San Francisco Bay area based on its brilliant work ethic and superior technical knowledge. In addition, for over 50 years, we have always been dedicated to using only the highest quality materials and modern equipment for replacing your old inefficient windows.

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