Why Not Paint Your San Francisco Bay Area Home Exterior In Winter?

A fresh coat of exterior paint does not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but it also protects and preserves its integrity. We are fortunate that in the San Francisco Bay Area, the climate is relatively constant with moderate temperatures which don’t normally fall below 45⁰ Fahrenheit which is well above the 35⁰ recommended by most paint manufacturers.

Choose Wisely

Painting your home’s exterior in the winter months is a great option for San Francisco residents since in summer, homeowners tend to be busier with vacations and numerous social obligations. When you choose an experienced and well-established painting company like Armstrong Painting, which has painted over 30,000 homes in the last 50 years, you can be assured that the results of your painting project will be successful.

Some Considerations

Painting exteriors in winter is a little more demanding than in the warmer and drier months but if the difficult conditions are taken into account, the project can be completed without any issues. 

Daylight Hours

Daylight hours are shorter in winter so painting crews tend to work reduced hours. It is not a good idea to work on external painting projects very early in the cold morning or after the sun begins to set.

Risk of Rain

The risk of rain on a particular day should be assessed since the substrate must be dry when it is painted and it will also need sufficient time to dry. If there is too much moisture on the substrate then it will affect paint adhesion. What’s more, if additional coats are applied before the paint dries properly, it may bubble and blister. Armstrong carefully monitors the weather forecast and because a close eye is kept on potential swings in climate, we are able to properly schedule for a successful paint application. 

Storage of Material

All painting or patching material should be stored at room temperature at night so they can be applied smoothly to the surface of your exterior walls and achieve the desired results.

At Armstrong, our certified painters have a vast collective database from field and laboratory testing. This ensures that each and every job we do will not only be beautiful but will be customized to stand the test of time. Put our 50+ years of knowledge and experience in exterior residential and commercial painting to work for you! Contact us today for your Free Estimate!

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