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Does your flat or low-sloped roof have drainage problems and water seepage? Is it poorly insulated? Let Armstrong Foam Roofing show you how replacing your built-up roofing system with our foam roofing can protect your property while saving you money! 

Foam roofing consists of a monolithic layer of solid closed-cell polyurethane foam that is created by mixing two liquid chemicals together which react to form a solid piece that easily adheres to the roof. The foam density used by Armstrong Foam Roofing is rated at 3LB which means that our roofs have the highest quality roofing foams available today. The 3LB foam used offers high insulation values, strength, and exceptional longevity.

Armstrong Foam Roofing has been proudly providing foam roofing solutions for flat and low-sloped roofs for more than 40 years.  It is one of the most popular ways to make your roof cool and energy efficient. Foam roofing is recommended by the Energy Department as it is a long-lasting ultra-light insulating foam that will keep your home cool during summer and prevent the heat from escaping in winter. Most importantly, we understand that replacing your roof is not easy and it can be costly. That’s why we provide San Francisco Bay Area residents with foam roofing systems that can last a lifetime by only having to recoat them approximately every 20 years.

Why Choose Foam Roofing?

Spray foam roofing is the ideal solution for your flat and low-sloped roof problems. It is the first intelligent roofing technology that combines insulation and roofing into one material. What’s more, each Armstrong foam roof is custom installed and backed by some of the best foam roofing warranties in the industry. 

1. Offers Effective Insulation

Foam roofing is the most energy-efficient material available – over 500% more efficient than conventional roofs. Research by Texas A&M University has shown that the energy savings from foam roofing can pay for its cost within 3 to 4 years. Also, the fact that it has no fastener increase energy efficiency since fasteners have been reported to reduce the insulation value from 1.5% to 31.5%. Plus, the reflective nature of the light-colored coating can help keep your roof to 50 to 80 degrees cooler, significantly decreasing utility costs during the summer months. 

2. Seamless and Moisture-Resistant

Spray foam roofing has no seams or multiple layers – eliminating the expanding and contracting and separating that allows water and microbes to seep in and damage your roof. It also eliminates roof leaks caused by faulty flashing because SPF conforms to any substrate when installed. This makes it ideal for flashing parapet walls, equipment, skylights, and cooling towers.

3. Incredibly Durable

Foam roofing provides superior hail and impact absorption – even if a wind-driven missile damages the roof, it will rarely cause a leak and the damage can be easily repaired without compromising performance. Foam roofing also provides high wind uplift resistance, proven by field observations of foam roofing performance during Hurricanes. Another important feature of SPF roofing systems is the fact that they have no fasteners which can come loose or damaged.

4. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

With proper installation and maintenance, your foam roofing system can protect your home for a lifetime. You only have to recoat it approximately every 20 years to ensure it keeps performing like new. Consequently, foam roofing eliminates the need for costly roof tear-offs and waste which will end up in landfills. Because the foam can adhere easily to most materials, in most cases, the installation of foam roofing requires minimal stripping of the original roof (saving you time and money as well).

5. Extremely Lightweight

Foam roofing systems weigh approximately 60 lbs per 100 square feet versus 600 lbs per 100 square feet for a typical built-up roofing system (i.e. tar and gravel). As a result, it can be applied directly to many existing roofing systems without adding significant stress to the walls and beams of a building making it ideal for older homes like the Eichlers.

The Benefits of Foam Roofing

Each Armstrong Foam roof is custom installed. It’s sprayed on as a liquid mixture, and within a few seconds expands up to 30 times its original volume into a watertight, seamless solid that custom forms to the roofing substrate. Just look at the advantages of an Armstrong Foam roof:

  1.  Tough, seamless construction
  2.  Can be sprayed onto almost any surface including irregularly shaped roofs and uneven surfaces
  3.  Tenacious adhesion – demonstrated in the most recent Florida hurricanes
  4.  Moisture resistant – even when the membrane coating is damaged
  5.  Inch-per-inch, the highest energy-efficient roofing material available
  6.  Extremely strong – yet ultra-lightweight
  7.  Proven longevity classifies it as a sustainable low-slope roofing system
  8.  In most cases requires only periodic recoating for decades of service


Armstrong Foam Roofing has installed more residential foam roofing than any other company in America!

We offer you some of the best, longest-lasting warranties available! Before you consider any other roof for your flat or low-sloped roof, let Armstrong show you why our Bay Area Foam roofing is your best investment for your home!

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Foam Roofing: Residential

Residential foam roofing is spray foam roofing designed for flat or low-sloped roof homes consisting of a monolithic layer of solid closed-cell polyurethane foam that offers high insulation values, strength, and exceptional longevity. This intelligent roofing technology is ideal for residential structures since it is extremely lightweight (six times lighter than built-up roofing) and does not put any extra stress on your home’s building envelope.     

Foam roofing forms a durable, monolithic closed cell layer of insulation without seams. This means that you won’t have to deal with roof leaks and that your home comfort level can increase. For example, it can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in winter. What’s more, it maximizes noise reduction, prevents insects from invading your home, and acts as a barrier against pollen and dust. This monolithic barrier helps reduce the number of allergens that can enter your home and maintains a healthier air quality level.

When you choose Armstrong Foam Roofing, you get over 40 years of experience! We have installed more residential foam roofing than any other company in America! And we offer you some of the best, longest-lasting warranties available! Our thousands of satisfied customers in the San Francisco Bay Area have never regretted having us replace their original roofing material with our affordable and long-lasting SPF Roofing.

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Commercial Foam Roofing

Commercial foam roofing is sprayed as a liquid onto your commercial roof surface. Once this mixture is sprayed onto the surface of your roof, in three seconds, it rises to 1.5 inches. The foam hardens within a minute and can then be walked on. After hardening, the foam forms a monolithic cellular membrane covering the entire roofing system.

Foam roofing protects your commercial roof while providing one of the highest-rated insulation values currently available. At Armstrong, we understand that replacing your commercial roof can be a significant investment. That’s why Armstrong’s Foam Roofing also uses the highest quality foam density to ensure that your commercial roof will be protected for a lifetime with only minor maintenance and a recoating once every 20 years. If you’ve had drainage problems, water seepage, and cracked roofs in the past, let Armstrong Foam Roofing show you how our Foam Roofing can protect your property and your investment – while saving you money!

The seamless nature of foam roofing is extremely important since it eliminates the issues resulting from expansion and contraction. What’s more, it doesn’t matter how much equipment you have installed on your roof since foam roofing is custom installed it seals effectively around difficult roof features such as skylight windows or circular exhaust vents. Additionally, it can offer you significant energy savings which will minimize your operating costs and help increase your profit. 

Armstrong’s foam roofing is perfect for commercial buildings with flat or low-sloped roofs because we specialize in bringing the detail required for residential work to all sizes of commercial buildings

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Foam Roofing: Residential vs Commercial

Whether you have a residential or commercial building with a flat or low-sloped roof, foam roofing is the ideal choice. There is no difference between residential and commercial foam roofing. It offers you superior insulation and protection even against the most challenging conditions. 

Armstrong Foam Roofing also satisfies the unique nature of residential as well as commercial roofing systems. Armstrong Foam Roofing applies the detail required for residential roofing to commercial roofs. Likewise, it offers homeowners the durability required by commercial building owners. Consequently, whether your roof receives frequent foot traffic and has numerous flashing parapet walls, equipment, skylights, and cooling towers, or has nothing on it except for a few solar panels, you can be assured that it will provide you with unrivaled protection with only minimal maintenance and a simple recoating once every 20 years.

Real Protection

Flat roofed homes are unique and offer sleek lines, designed with style. However, flat roofs come with their fair share of problems.


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