satellite roof measurementsAt Armstrong Foam Roofing, we are always trying to find ways to provide the best products and services for our San Francisco Bay Area customers. That’s why over 40 years ago Armstrong Foam Roofing was one of the first roofing companies in the U.S. to offer Foam Roofing as the superior solution for flat and low-sloped roofs. Today, we are continuing our attempt to simplify and improve our services by offering you foam roofing estimates through the use of satellite technology. 

Satellite Roof Measurements

Our Armstrong Foam Roofing contractors are able to receive roof measurements of any residential and commercial building in the Bay Area in a very short time with extreme accuracy and without the need to visit your home or business. The information provided by satellite technology presents us with detailed schematics of roofs which include square footage as well as their slope. Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information to enable you to make informed decisions. 

Plus, with all the digital communication tools available today, we are also able to provide all the necessary information to you virtually, either by phone, computer, Skype and email.

Save Time – Speeding Up The Roofing Process

Armstrong’s satellite foam roofing estimates are not only accurate and informative but extremely fast. When you have a roofing issue, time is usually of the essence since roofing issues can sometimes become roofing emergencies. We understand that, so we found a way to speed up the roofing process by providing you with an accurate and detailed estimate.

Utilizing satellite roof measurements we can speed up the process of repairing your roof because

  • There is no need to book appointments days in advance. 
  • Our roofers do not have to visit your home in order to climb on your roof to physically take time-consuming measurements and conduct calculations to provide you with an accurate estimate. 
  • Our foam roofing experts receive all your precise roofing measurements electronically and prepare your free no-obligation estimate in the shortest time possible.

How to Learn More About Our Satellite Roofing Estimates

For more information about our satellite roofing estimates for installing your foam roofing system, contact Armstrong Foam Roofing today. We offer a no-obligation quote remotely, either by phone, computer, Skype and email. Let us show you why Armstrong Foam Roofing is San Francisco Bay Area’s best and most reliable installer of SPF roofing systems.

Real Protection

Flat roofed homes are unique and offer sleek lines, designed with style. However, flat roofs come with their fair share of problems.


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