The Best Eichler Roof Replacement Option

If it’s time to replace your Eichler roof, you have several options from which you can choose. However, you need to consider each Eichler roof replacement option carefully since the wrong choice can not only be costly and inadequate but also time-consuming and quite inconvenient, especially, if you are currently living in the home. 

Armstrong Foam Roofing Solution for Eichler Roof Replacement

At Armstrong, we have been providing residents of the San Francisco Bay Area with roof replacement services since 1966. As a local family-owned business, our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best possible services and products. Armstrong Foam Roofing has been the improvement, beautification, and preservation of Bay Area homes and commercial and institutional buildings. That’s why for the past 40 years, we have been providing owners of Eichler homes, midcentury modern homes / buildings, and for that matter, any flat or low-slopped roof building with what we consider to be the ideal roofing solution. The reason we believe that is because foam roofing is the only roofing system that offers you excellent waterproofing and insulation in one application!

Why Spray Foam Roofing Should be Your Eichler Roof Replacement Choice 

Energy Efficient

The ideal Eichler roof replacement solution is foam roofing, also known as Spray Polyurethane Foam, or SPF Roofing. In fact, spray foam roofing is the most energy-efficient material available. It is over 500% more energy efficient than most conventional roofs. What’s more, researchers at Texas A&M University have shown that the energy savings from your foam roofing can pay for its cost within 3 to 4 years!


The fact that each foam roof is custom installed and of a monolithic nature (i.e. one layer) makes foam roofing unique. Since your foam roof consists of a single layer of foam, it eliminates any issues resulting from expansion and contraction that can permit water and microbes to seep in and damage your roof.

Sustainable and Low Maintenance

Since its introduction to roofing in the 1970s, spray foam has proven to be far superior to build-up roofing systems (BUR) such as tar and gravel, single-ply systems such as PVC, EPDM, or TPO, and modified bitumen systems. The documented evidence from Texas A&M University, which has over 90% of the 10 million square feet of roofs at its campus covered with SPF roofing, has conclusively supported the resilience and effectiveness of foam roofing systems. Currently, the foam roofs that were installed over 40 years ago are still performing well with only minimal maintenance.


Studies related to durability have also proven that foam roofing provides superior hail and impact absorption. Furthermore, your foam roof sustains damage from wind-driven missiles, it will rarely experience a leak. What’s more, you can easily have the damage repaired without compromising the performance of your Eichler roof. Another very important characteristic of foam roofing is that it provides high wind uplift resistance. This has been proven by field observations of foam roofing performance during severe hurricanes such as Allen, Hugo, and Andrew.


What really makes foam roofing ideal for Eichler homes, though, is the fact that all this protection your home receives, is coupled with the fact that SPF roofing is lightweight. It’s extremely important for Eichler homes to have ultra-lightweight roofing. Foam roofing systems weigh approximately 60 lbs per 100 square feet whereas a typical built-up roofing system can weigh 600 lbs per 100 square feet. Therefore foam roofing adds significantly less stress to the walls and beams (building envelope) of your Eichler home.

Additionally, it may not be necessary for your old roof to be removed in order to apply your new foam roof replacement. For example, if the underlying areas of saturated insulation are found, only minimal tear-off may be required to repair the damaged areas. Consequently, foam is less disruptive since tear-off is minimal and your roof replacement can be completed faster, and quieter. 

Contact a Trusted San Francisco Foam Roofing Contractor 

In the early 1980s, coupled with new improved spray foam roofing equipment and products which made the application of SPF easier and more efficient, Armstrong Foam Roofing began installing SPF roofing systems on flat and low sloped roof residential and commercial buildings in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Today, the foam roofs we have installed over 40 years ago are still performing well with only minimal maintenance. Once a foam roof is installed, it will only need a recoating with elastomeric coating and durable granules once about every 20 years. The recoating process can help protect your foam roof from UV, rain, and wind damage and protect the original layer of your foam roof for another 20 years.

Replacing your Eichler roof with foam roofing is the best choice you can make but you need to keep in mind that your foam roofing system will only be as good as the individuals who apply it. As a result, you need to contact a local professional contractor, like Armstrong Foam Roofing, with years of proven expertise and a high degree of technical knowledge in foam roofing. 

We offer a no-obligation Satellite Roof Estimate and you can also arrange a remote free consultation, either by phone at 1-887-777-1234, computer, Skype, or email. Along with all the virtual ways we are providing estimates, we also offer at-home (outside) estimates for your convenience. To find out more about our foam roofing systems and our installation process, contact Armstrong Foam Roofing today.

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