Painting Victorian Exteriors

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have about 48,000 Victorian houses that were built during the 65 years between 1849 and 1915. Unfortunately, the earthquakes of 1906 destroyed many of these exquisite homes on Nob and Riscon Hills. However, we can still admire many of these homes in other neighborhoods as well, such as Pacific Heights, Cole Valley, Noe Valley, the legendary Haight-Ashbury, Lower Haight, and Alamo Square.

The Rediscovery of San Francisco’s Victorian Homes

After the Great Depression and the two World Wars, the facades of these houses began to deteriorate since great effort was needed to maintain them. Many owners were tempted to cover them with stucco as a more economical alternative. Fortunately, in the 1960s when our founder Howard founded Armstrong here in San Francisco, people began to rediscover these unique structures. For Armstrong Painting, these structures were an important starting point since they enabled our company to showcase the high quality and detailed work Armstrong became famous for. The iconic Painted Ladies, the Cliff House, and Emilio’s, for example, were some of the first San Francisco calling cards that helped Armstrong establish a highly regarded reputation in the city and rest of the Bay Area.

Dedicated to Preserving Our Heritage

Armstrong has always been dedicated to preserving San Francisco’s landmarks since they are an invaluable part of our Bay Area heritage. We made it our mission to develop techniques and products that would preserve and restore the beauty of our city’s Victorian homes.  

When repainting the exteriors of Victorian homes, Armstrong ensures that the substrate is prepared extremely well. Careful preparation is an important component of all painting projects but due to the age and fragility of the exterior details of Victorian homes such as the fine wood detailing, trim-work, brackets, and bays, preparation is absolutely vital! We truly believe that the key to excellence in painting is preparation, preparation, and more preparation. That’s where Armstrong shines.  If the surfaces of your Victorian home are not prepared correctly, you will not have the desired results and/or in a short period of time the new paint may begin peeling or cracking.

A significant part of the preparation process is also applying the primers and sealers.  With Armstrong’s WeatherGuard System (AWS), you can be sure your Victorian home will receive the right primer for its substrate in order to provide extra protection and ensure that your finish coat will last longer. In fact, Armstrong will warranty your exterior paint job up to 10 years which is significantly longer than the common 2 years often advertised by other painting contractors for homes with wooden exteriors.

Hire Established Local Experienced Professionals

When it’s time to repaint the exterior of your Victorian home and transform it from something ordinary to extraordinary, contact the San Francisco Bay Area’s most experienced painting contractor. For over 50 years, Armstrong has performed coating and painting services for more than 30,000 homes. We are also extremely proud to have painted the exteriors of some of San Francisco’s most recognized Victorian landmarks. 

Our decades of experience and unwavering commitment to quality work have earned us a reputation for quality coating and painting. When you hire Armstrong Painting, you can be sure that your home will receive the ultimate in protection – along with one of the most comprehensive warranties available.

Put our 50 years of knowledge and experience to work for you! Call us or contact us online to request your Free Estimate.

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