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Since 1966, Armstrong Foam Roofing has provided Bay Area residents high-quality and competitively priced services for their homes and businesses. Our aim has always been to improve, beautify, and preserve the unique character and heritage of the Bay Area. Consequently, Armstrong’s services have been in demand for over 50 years.

Armstrong has become synonymous with old-fashion, no-nonsense work ethic and superior technical knowledge. Our clients also know that they can always count on us to use only the highest quality materials and modern equipment. However, what we believe has helped us maintain our position of leadership is the fact that we really do listen to what our clients want and always do everything possible to satisfy their demands.

Armstrong’s Services

Armstrong’s main focus in 1966 was painting and coating but it wasn’t long before our expertise and services also included windows and roofing.  


Initially, Armstong became a household name in San Francisco for the high quality and detailed exterior painting work we have been providing to both our residential and commercial clients. Our mission to preserve our local character and heritage can be clearly seen in projects like the iconic Painted Ladies, the Cliff House and Emilio’s.

In our relentless pursuit to provide our clients with the best materials and highest quality results, in the 1970s, when lead pigment paint was starting to be phased out due to health issues, we began to work closely with several of the country’s largest painting manufacturers to develop the proper protocol for applying more environmentally-friendly paints to wooden structures. Additionally, Armstrong Painting had noticed that stucco, asbestos tile and concrete structures in our area were facing their own set of unique challenges. As a result, we collaborated with some of the top coating manufacturers in the USA to find the most effective solutions. Our efforts have helped deal with the ongoing problem of moisture infiltration with the development of revolutionary coating material that allows for these stubborn surfaces to breathe and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.


Today, we offer one of the most beautiful, feature-rich vinyl replacement window lines available at any price which are also available in designer colors, easily coordinating with your home’s existing colors. What’s more, for those who prefer low-maintenance replacement windows with the appearance of a traditional wood window, we can offer them Infinity from Marvin Ultrex Fiberglass windows from the experts at Marvin Windows and Doors.


Ever since we began to offer roofing services, we were aware that the many flat and low-sloped roofs in the San Francisco Bay Area needed a more effective solution than the traditional built-up roofing (BUR) systems. Consequently, when Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF was made available over 40 years ago, we were one of the first companies in the USA to provide it to our clients. Today, SPF roofing is recognized as the highest standard for protecting buildings with low-sloped roofs, not just in San Francisco but across the world. SPF is watertight, long-lasting and insulating. It has raised the level of protection enormously and offers 500% more energy efficiency than standard (and inferior) materials such as tar and gravel.

A Warranty Second To None 

Providing our clients with the highest-quality results whether it’s painting, windows, or foam roofing, also means that we also assure them that their installation will be covered by one of the best warranties in the USA. Our painting projects are backed by a warranty of up to fifteen years depending on surface materials. Armstrong’s replacement windows and doors carry up to a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Similarly, we offer you the best, longest-lasting warranties available for all our roofing projects. Our CEO, Thomas Fine stated that “Armstrong has been in business in California for over fifty years and will be there, ready to help, if and when you need us.”

To find out more about Armstrong’s services, contact us today for your no-obligation quote or a free consultation. Armstrong promises that you will always receive professionally installed materials, optimized for both price and long-term ‘life cycle’ performance.

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