Choosing The Right Color Frame for Your Replacement Windows

Are you shopping for replacement windows? The Armstrong Select Window & Patio Door System provides San Francisco and Bay Area residents with replacement windows specially designed to meet our tough standards and recommendations of our customers. Unlike the majority of vinyl windows, Armstrong Select Windows are not limited in their color options. Not only are our replacement windows some of the most beautiful and feature-rich available at any price but they are also available in designer colors, easily coordinating with your home’s existing colors.

Create a Contemporary Look

The color of your window frames can have a significant effect on the look of your home. For example, at Armstrong Select Window, we advise our customers to select a hue that is within the same color palette of the exterior walls if they want a sleek streamlined look. It’s only a matter of choosing a color which is a little darker or lighter than your homes exterior color in order to create a subtle contemporary look.

Create Contrast

However, if you would like your replacement windows to stand-out, you should choose a color that is in contrast with that of your exterior walls. For example, if your home’s exterior is grayish brown or brownish gray then you can make an impressive contrast with brick red window frames. Naturally, choosing dark blue window frames can also create an eye-catching contrast if your home’s exterior is off-white or yellowish.

Keep to One Color Palette

If you are not looking to make a bold statement then you can choose a color from the same palette as your exterior walls. For example, if your home’s exterior color is a warm color then choose a warm color for the frames of your replacement windows. The same applies if it is a cool color.

Making a Safe Choice: Go Neutral

Vinyl windows are not designed to be repainted and since replacement windows are a considerable investment, many of our customers decide to make a safe choice with the color of their window frames. A safe choice means choosing a neutral color. Many of our customers prefer to experiment with their home’s exterior colors and choose neutral color window frames like beige, sandstone, and charcoal gray.

Taking into Account Your Environment

When choosing a color for the frame of your replacement windows, it can also be prudent to take into account the environment and in general, the area your home is located. For example, in areas where the weather is usually warm and sunny, it may be wise to choose light colored frames which reflect and heat and won’t fade as easily as darker colored frames. What’s more, if you are concerned about dust and would like to avoid cleaning your window frames as much as possible then you can choose gray or taupe colors instead of light or very dark colors on which dust buildup shows much easier.

If you are considering replacing your windows and patio doors with environmentally friendly and energy efficient upgrades which will also add value, improve your home’s appearance and comfort then your choice is clear – install Armstrong Select vinyl replacement windows in your choice of color. Contact Armstrong online or call us at 1-877-777-1234 today and ask about our Armstrong Select Window & Patio Door System which comes with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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