Why Armstrong’s Exterior Painting Is Second To None

Since 1966, Armstrong has had the reputation of a painting contractor whose superior exterior painting work has contributed to the San Francisco Bay Area’s improvement, beautification, and preservation of homes, and commercial and institutional buildings. We have always insisted on a vigorous and committed work ethic which we couple with our superior technical knowledge and the use of only the highest quality materials and modern equipment. Of course, this wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t listen to our customers carefully and provided them with the best possible solutions to match their lifestyle and budget.

Extensive Exterior Painting Experience and Dedication to Excellence

We are extremely proud of the fact that Armstrong Painting has been San Francisco’s favorite painting contractor. This is reflected by the fact that we have painted over 30,000 homes and businesses over the last five and a half decades! What’s more, due to our extensive experience, we have been able to collect a wealth of dynamic real-world data about the actual performance of our paints and techniques on real houses in Northern California and their exposure to temperature extremes, moisture, salt air, and ultraviolet degradation. This data has been used to form the foundation of our Application, Warranty, and Specification (AWS) process. Consequently, our attention to detail has enabled us to provide our clients optimum life-cycle performance as well as some of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Our Attention to Detail Begins Before the Actual Exterior Painting Process

At Armstrong Painting, we perform a detailed site survey before we do any exterior painting work to determine the extent of the preparation that needs to take place prior to painting. For example, since in the San Francisco area we have many homes that were built prior to 1979, we perform a lead-based screening survey utilizing a multipoint XRF lead detection test. This superior test with pinpoint accuracy provides for increased lead safety on the job. If lead is present some hand scraping and prep work may be done prior to the hydrowash which removes dirt, chalk, loose material, and grease. Mildew wash is also done as needed. 

Thorough Hand Preparation

Pressure washing cleans the surface but, in most cases, it is not a substitute for hand preparation. We check for and reset popped nails and re-nail any loose lumber as needed. We also prep the surface by wire brushing, scraping, or sanding wood, stucco, and wood walls as necessary to remove loose material and feathering the remaining edges. Even though this step can make old substrates look new, many painters skip it completely since they may consider it time-consuming. 

Effective Protection Against Cracks

What also makes Armstrong different from other painters is our approach to patching cracks and voids in stucco and wood walls as necessary to make them less visible. We apply AWS-specified wood fillers and a stucco patch that provide attractive and long-lasting protection. It is quite common for painters to apply spackle directly to bare wood since it is cheap, covers well, and is easy to work with. However, the problem is that spackled cracks absorb water and do not last. In fact, often poorly done stucco patches crack at joints, come loose, and over time can fall out.

Caulking to Seal The Right Openings

One of the things that we do during the preparation phase is to apply AWS flexible elastomeric caulk around doors and windows to seal all openings as necessary. Our Armstrong painting crews use elastomerics that stretch 100% of their length or greater and then fully recover. Our caulking material not only provides added protection from moisture intrusion but also adds longevity to the adjacent film coating and results in a better-looking job overall.

When we have to deal with larger cracks, we use specific polyurethanes for superior adhesion and protection. Furthermore, when sealing cracks, you need to ensure that you don’t seal cracks that should be left open such as the bottom of windows or lap siding. Caulking these joints might actually trap water and cause damage.

Use of Primers & Sealers

There is a variety of primers and sealers available since they are designed for many different purposes. For example, some are used to provide adhesion whereas others are best for stain blocking or hiding, and others are used to protect the substrate. In addition, different environmental and climatic conditions require different primers. With Armstrong’s AWS custom system, you can be sure your home will receive the right primer for its substrate which will help extend the life of your exterior paint job.

AWS Paints, Top-Coats & Textured Coatings

Once we are satisfied that the preparation will help provide the best possible finish, we use paints, topcoats, and textured coatings that are all specified to meet our custom AWS system requirements. This means that we use 100% all-acrylic binders (resin) for unexcelled color retention, exterior weathering, and long-term durability. What’s more, our exterior paints contain UV sunblock pigment with T102 (Titanium Dioxide) for long-lasting paint film and substrate protection. Furthermore, we use products with high solid content for enhanced paint film build, superior hide, and optimum permeability for moisture vapor control.

Armstrong’s Local Professional Painters

Each home or commercial building is unique so our Armstrong certified superintendent and/or foreman will determine the best combination of application and materials for your home or building. Armstrong and Armstrong’s certified painters apply the extensive collective database from field and laboratory testing to ensure that each exterior painting job we do will not only be beautiful but will be customized to stand the test of time.

When it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home or commercial property, contact the San Francisco Bay Area’s most experienced painting contractor. Our decades of experience and unwavering commitment to quality work have earned us a reputation for quality coating and painting. When you hire Armstrong Painting, you can be sure that your home will receive the ultimate in protection – along with one of the most comprehensive warranties available.

Put our 55 years of knowledge and experience to work for you! Call us or contact us online to request your Free Estimate.

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