Prolonging The Exterior Paint Job of Your Home

A new exterior paint job not only enhances your home or business’ curb appeal but also adds to its value. As a local painting contractor near you, we have not only been working hard for over 50 years to make your San Francisco Bay Area homes stand out but also provide them with the best possible protection against the elements. Our expert painting crews have provided their coating and painting services for more than 30,000 homes and businesses – an unmatched record of protection in the Bay Area.

At Armstrong Painting, we have always prided ourselves in providing our clients with the best protection for their homes which is why we offer our San Francisco Bay Area residential and commercial clients some of the best warranties in the industry. 

We Keep The Exterior of Your Home Looking Its Best Much Longer

Dust, pollutants, bird droppings, and other surface contaminants can harm the exterior paint of your home. Knowing this, at Armstrong, our carefully designed painting process and the painting materials we use help protect your exterior paint job and the investment you have made much longer than you’d expect. The thorough preparation of the substrate and the high-quality standard full prime we use ensures a more consistent and more protective top coat that can keep exterior contaminants at bay for much longer.

No Need for Touch-Up Painting of Your Exterior Paint Job

When you hire Armstrong Painting to repaint the exterior of your home, we stand by our work with a 5-year warranty for wood surfaces and a 10-year warranty for stucco surfaces. However, it doesn’t mean that immediately after the warranty period is over, you’ll need to repaint your home. Your home may not need repainting for many years after the end of the warranty. While Armstrong’s warranties are superior and are a testament to the proper application, the work done properly now will save you more the next time your home needs an exterior paint job – and that’s a long way down the road when you choose Armstrong as your exterior painting contractor.

No Need to Worry About Caulk Points

Often the areas around windows, doors, and vents have caulk points that must be maintained. By doing so, you can protect your exterior paint job and prevent moisture and air from penetrating the exterior walls of your home. If these points are not well caulked, your home can experience water damage and your home’s energy efficiency could suffer. 

At Armstrong, we apply the proper elastomeric caulking, not just in the cracks, but around all the vulnerable ledges and edges such as windows and doors – it’s a small but vital component of a proper application. We use elastomerics that stretch 100% of their length or greater and then fully recover. Using the correct material around openings not only provides added protection from moisture intrusion but also longevity to the adjacent film coating resulting in a better-looking job overall. For larger cracks, Armstrong can specify polyurethanes for superior adhesion and protection. We’ll also pay special attention to cracks that might be best left open such as the bottom of windows or lap siding. Caulking these joints might actually trap water and cause damage. 

What You Can Do To Further Protect Your Home’s Exterior Paint Job

Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts

It’s important to keep your gutters and downspouts clean to minimize the possibility of moisture being absorbed by the exterior walls and damaging your home’s substrate as well as the paint. Therefore, at the beginning of each season, have your gutters and downspouts cleaned to avoid moisture issues.

Consider Your Landscaping Choices

Many people don’t really think about how their landscaping choices can affect their exterior house paint. If your house is surrounded by tall trees or bushes that do not allow the exterior walls to dry properly, you may have fungi and mold issues. Moisture also causes wood rot and speeds up the deterioration of many building materials. For this reason, you should have trees, bushes, or shrubs near the house trimmed. By doing so you will ensure that there is adequate airflow and enough sunlight around the perimeter of your home to avoid moisture issues.

What’s more, anything else such as sprinklers that may get your walls wet or leaf piles against the walls of your home that retain moisture should be reconsidered. Try to keep your home’s exterior as dry and moisture-free as possible.

If you have ivy or any other kind of vines growing against your home’s exterior walls you should seriously reconsider this landscape choice since such plants can cause serious damage. The roots of these plants grow in cracks and crevices, widening them and allowing moisture in.

Why Choose Armstrong as Your Exterior Painting Contractor 

By choosing Armstrong as your painting contractor, you will be able to enjoy the exterior paint job of your home for many years to come. Our painting process and the superior painting products we use can help prolong the lifespan of your exterior paint job. 

Almost nothing can refresh the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal more than a professional exterior paint job done properly by an experienced painting contractor like Armstrong Painting. That’s why you should put our 50-plus years of knowledge and experience in residential and commercial painting to work. Call 877-777-1234 or contact us online for an estimate and free color consultation now!

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