The Ideal Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home or Business

As you might expect, deciding when to paint the exterior of your home or business is more complicated and risky than painting the interior. Traditionally, weather conditions had been a determining factor since they can affect how fast and how well the paint will dry. Like most other regions in the United States, to some degree, Northern California also experiences wet and dry seasons. However, what is of particular significance in the San Francisco Bay area is the humidity. Moisture on the surface to be painted and the relative ambient humidity can lower the quality of an exterior paint job. Therefore, at Armstrong Painting, we monitor relative ambient humidity and the moisture content on surfaces which need to be painted.

Our San Francisco Bay Area Painting Window

Fortunately, here in the San Francisco Bay area, we don’t experience extreme weather conditions. As a result, we have a much larger window to paint the exterior of homes and businesses. Basically, the relatively constant and moderate temperatures we experience can permit year-round exterior painting with the use of high-quality primers and paints.

Armstrong’s Superior Primer and Paint Technology

Armstrong’s utilization of the latest primer and paint technology to design our custom Armstrong Weather Guard System (AWS) means that we can provide our customers with specifically designed products for different conditions. For example, we utilize industrial-strength primers with adhesion, stain blocking, hiding, and protective qualities. That way you can be sure your building will receive the right primer for its substrate.

Like our primers, Armstrong paints, topcoats and textured coatings are all also specified to meet our custom AWS system requirements. This means that they consist of 100% acrylic binders (resin) for unexcelled color retention, exterior weathering and long-term durability. In addition, the use of UV sunblock pigment with T102 (Titanium Dioxide) provides long-lasting paint film and substrate protection. Furthermore, our products contain high solid content for enhanced paint film build, superior hide and optimum permeability for moisture vapor control.

Armstrong’s Half a Century of Experience in the San Francisco Bay Area

Our Armstrong certified superintendents and/or foremen determine the best combination of application and materials for each home or building. With over 50 years of experience and work performed on over 30,000 buildings, Armstrong and Armstrong’s certified painters have a vast collective database from field and laboratory testing. This ensures that each and every job we do will not only be beautiful but will be customized to stand the test of time. Put our 50 years of knowledge and experience in exterior residential and commercial painting to work for you! Contact us today for your Free Estimate!

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