When Should I Recoat My Spray Foam Roof in San Francisco?

Armstrong’s spray foam roofing is the ideal solution for any flat or sloped roof in the San Francisco Bay Area since it offers you excellent waterproofing and insulation in one application! What’s more, it may be the last roofing system you will need to install. With proper installation and maintenance, your foam roofing system can protect your home for a lifetime. You only have to recoat it approximately every 20 years to ensure it keeps performing like new.  

Inspecting Your Foam Roof Before You Recoat

If your foam roof has been coated properly by Armstrong Foam Roofing and your roof has not experienced any damage, you most likely won’t need to worry about recoating your foam roof for a long time. However, as part of your foam roofing maintenance, it’s a good idea to inspect your residential or commercial roof at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. You should look for fallen branches, blocked drains, outlets, and gutters as well as any damaged skylights that must be repaired.

What’s more, if you had technicians servicing your HVAC system or any other service contractors, who needed access to your roof, you should check your foam roofing for any unintended damage. Most service contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area are familiar with foam roofs and take precautions to avoid any damage but if a tool or piece of equipment is accidentally dropped it may penetrate the foam. Therefore, it is suggested that you check the surface of your foam roof immediately following service appointments.

Recoat Your Foam Roof

Your foam roof, even after 20 years may still be in very good condition, however, this should not discourage you from choosing to recoat it. Like many procedures designed to preserve, the recoating process can provide you with better results when it is performed earlier rather than later. 

The recoating of your spray foam roof may involve cleaning your spray foam roof and then repairing any damages before actually adding the new layer of coating. Cleaning and repairing may be necessary since weather conditions, dust/dirt and foot traffic can cause the coating to break down after a 20-year period. To continue protecting your roof, the recoating is applied to a clean surface and a foam roofing system that does not have any damage.     

How Recoating Extends the Lifespan of Your Foam Roofing System

By recoating your foam roof, you will continue to preserve and protect it against the elements and extend its lifespan. Over the years, weather conditions and the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays begin to break down the protective layers of elastomeric coating which must be reapplied in order to prevent the UV rays from degrading the polyurethane foam. If your foam roofing is left unprotected, it can degrade at the rate of about 1/16” per year. Damage from UV rays will be visible as small pits in the foam. You will notice tiny spots forming where your elastomeric coating has worn out but in order for your foam roof to completely fail, it must be left unprotected for many years since the thickness of a foam roof can range from 1” to 3” in thickness.

Recoating with elastomeric coating and durable granules can help you avoid UV, rain, and wind damage and enable you to protect the original layer of your foam roofing with a super-strong seamless impenetrable waterproof system that will behave like new. Your new recoat layer will act as a shield against the sun, wind, and rain while at the same time the original foam roof will continue to perform just as if it were new for another 20 years.

Contact San Francisco’s Foam Roofing Experts

Armstrong Foam Roofing is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1966 – that’s over 50 years of dependability. During our over 40 years of installing energy-efficient and lightweight foam roofs, we managed to install more residential foam roofing than any other company in America!

Put our 40-plus years of knowledge and experience in residential and commercial foam roofing to work: our extensive experience in SPF roofing coupled with some of the best, longest-lasting warranties available means that you won’t go wrong with Armstrong Foam Roofing. We offer a no-obligation Satellite Roof Estimate and you can also arrange a remote free consultation, either by phone at 1-887-777-1234, computer, Skype, or email. Along with all the virtual ways we are providing estimates, we also offer at-home (outside) estimates for your convenience.


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