Does Your Flat Roof Have A Leak?

If you have noticed a leak on the roof, even a small one, you are strongly advised to take immediate action! Don’t ignore it since the damage to your roof will only get bigger and so will the repair costs. Also, ensure that you hire experienced roofers to investigate why your roof is leaking and what can be done to avoid future leaks. Armstrong Foam Roofing, with over 40 years of proven performance, has the long-term solutions you have been looking for. 

Potential Problems Due to a Leaky Roof

  • Damage your ceiling and roof
  • Cause mold and mildew growth
  • Wooden structures and insulation can begin to rot, causing even more damage
  • Destroy drywall within your home 
  • Insects and animals can find a way to get into your home and cause additional damage

Normally, roof leaks are warning signs of potentially more serious problems and if ignored there is a probability of structural erosion. The fact is that if you do notice that your roof has a leak, the damage has already begun. Therefore, to avoid leaks you need to conduct regular inspections, be vigilant, search for leaks, and consult Armstrong Roofing about Foam RoofingSpray Polyurethane Foam, Foam Roofing or SPF Roofing for your flat or low-sloped roof. 

Your Best Defence Against Roof Leaks: Foam Roofing

SPF roofing is hands down your best choice if you want to avoid a leaky roof. It offers you excellent waterproofing and insulation in one application! This system is ideal for homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area where there is a large number of flat and low-sloped roofs that need the affordable and long-lasting protection provided by SPF Roofing.

What’s more, foam roofing is the most energy-efficient material available – over 500% more efficient than conventional roofs. No seams or multiple layers, eliminate the expanding and contracting and separating that allows water and microbes to seep in and damage your roof.

In addition to protecting your home against leaks in your roof, SPF roofing is extremely strong while at the same time ultra-lightweight and its proven longevity classifies it as a sustainable low-slope roofing system. This means that, in most cases, it will only require periodic recoating for decades of service!

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Armstrong has installed more residential foam roofing than any other company in America!

We offer you the best, longest-lasting warranties available. Before you consider any other roof for your flat or low-sloped roof, let Armstrong show you why our Bay Area Foam roofing is your best investment for your home and forget about leaky roofs!

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