Can A New Exterior Paint Job Increase Your Home’s Value?

The truth is that we tend to judge “Books by Their Covers.” Therefore, if you are considering selling your home, a fresh exterior coat of paint is one of the most affordable home improvements which can help you sell your home faster and at a higher price. Research conducted by Consumer Reports has found that a good professional exterior paint job can increase the value of your home from 2-5%.

Make a Positive First Impression

As we know, first impressions do matter. So if your home has a fresh professionally applied exterior coat of paint, potential buyers will immediately have a positive attitude towards your home before entering the front door. Homes with attractive exteriors will attract buyers much easier than homes with poorly maintained exteriors. There is no doubt that your home’s curb appeal can affect your chances of attracting buyers. What’s more, buyers who see a home which has been recently painted will also have one less thing to worry about when considering the renovations that need to be done after buying their new home. This, of course, can be quite important for some buyers who don’t have the time nor money for home improvements.

A Reflection of a Well-Cared Home

A fresh coat of exterior paint can also send positive messages to potential buyers about your home’s upkeep. Buyers will assume that your home has been cared for and well-maintained over the years. Again this impression is important since it will boost their confidence when considering buying your home. Naturally, if buyers witness a poorly-maintained or neglected home exterior, they may assume that this applies to the structure and interior of the house so it can discourage them from making an offer.

Impress Buyers with the Right Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint colors for your home’s exterior is also an important selling factor. One consideration which you need to keep in mind is that you should never choose color combinations that will make your home stick out like a sore thumb. You need to adhere to the color combinations used by the majority of the homes surrounding yours. This is especially important if there are color restrictions in your San Francisco Bay area neighborhood. Normally, realtors will advise you to paint your home with neutral and traditional colors in order to make it look warm and inviting. They also warn that unusual color combinations, while they may attract attention, they can deter a number of potential buyers. So, choose your color combinations wisely!

Hire Professionals to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Hiring an experienced professional and trusted contractor like Armstrong Painting for your home’s exterior paint job is also quite important (for more information read our article on the benefits of hiring professional painters). Painting your home’s exterior is definitely not the same as painting your bedroom. Exterior painting can be quite demanding and in some cases dangerous, as well. At Armstrong, we have always insisted that the key to excellence in painting is preparation, preparation and more preparation. Along with preparation, attention to detail and quality material are the vital ingredients needed to produce results that will satisfy and impress even the most demanding homeowners. You will certainly have a better chance of increasing the value of your home with a professional paint job rather than if you attempt to paint the exterior yourself. After all, a poor painting job can be as noticeable as a great paint job and it can be a turn off for those considering buying your home.

Choose San Francisco Bay Area’s Best Residential Painting Experts

If you are considering repainting the exterior of your home or business, put Armstrong’s 50 plus years of knowledge and experience to work. Our meticulous preparation and attention to detail, coupled with our Armstrong WeatherGuard System will offer your home the ultimate protection and curb appeal which can make selling your home a much easier task. Arrange for your Free Estimate now!

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