Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home or Office

The Significance of Color

One of the easiest and best ways to revitalize your home or office is to repaint the interior and/or exterior walls.  It’s easier said than done though when you consider the plethora of color and texture choices available today.  What’s more, research has shown that color can affect human behavior and influence our perceptions, consequently, it’s important to choose the right colors in order to create the desired atmosphere.

Deciding What’s Right

One of the first things we must do before deciding on paint color and texture is, of course, the mood or statement we want to create. For instance, if you want the room to be relaxing, such as the bedroom or office, then you will choose different colors than a room where you’d like to create an energetic atmosphere. Of course, most people who are unsure about choosing the right colors, tend to stick to neutral hues.  Neutral hues are recommended in situations where you want them to match with other colors or if want to change the mood of a room with drapery, furniture paintings or other decorative items.

How Armstrong Can Help

At Armstrong, we believe that when you decide to paint your home, the end result should be an expression of who you are, letting your style and personality shine. With interior painting, it’s an opportunity to transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary without spending a lot of money on remodeling.  It’s important that you feel comfortable in places where you spend most of your time, therefore you must choose the colors which match your personality and lifestyle.  

If you need help choosing colors, Armstrong is ready to help. We offer a FREE Color Consultation with national award-winning color consultant Bob Buckter.

Put our 50 plus years of knowledge and experience to work: call for an estimate and free color consultation now!

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