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Painting versus Coating

Over the past half century, Armstrong has built a solid reputation as the best painting company in the Bay Area, but we have also been the industry leader with respect to coating applications.  Most people consider painting and coating to be the same but coating is a more specialized process which uses products that have much different properties than ordinary paint.  For example, coatings are applied to improve exterior surface properties such as appearance, adhesion, wettability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance and light/heat reflection.  On the other hand, painting is the process of applying paint, pigment or color to such surfaces as walls, wood, glass, lacquer, clay or concrete. Both, paint and coating provide a degree of protection against the elements but the protection provided by coating, due to its thickness and light reflective properties, is far superior to any paint product, no matter how good it may be.

Armstrong and Textured Coatings of America, Inc.

The premier manufacturing company of high performance coating products in the USA, and most likely the world, is Textured Coatings of America, Inc. (TEX∙COTE®).  This family owned business was founded in 1961 in Los Angeles, California.  Armstrong has been collaborating closely with the company and has been using TEX∙COTE® products from the very start.  It all began when our founder, Howard Fine, moved from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to the Bay Area and found that unlike East Coast homeowners, here on the West Coast, they did not use aluminium siding to protect their homes.  Consequently, when TEX∙COTE® approached Howard about using their revolutionary new product, which was already being tried on commercial projects, on residential applications, he realized that it was exactly what he was looking for to protect West Coast homes and businesses.  Howard thought that it would be the perfect protection for structures constructed  with stucco, concrete and masonry against moisture intrusion due to the unrelenting fog of the Bay Area.  However, he was also thrilled by the fact that its durability would help in maintaining its vibrant colors much longer than any paint products available.  This event marked “the beginning of a beautiful friendship” between Armstrong and TEX∙COTE®.

The Benefits of TEX•COTE® COOLWALL®

Since 1961, TEX∙COTE® products have been the preferred choice of some of the world’s leading organizations such as NASA, Apple Inc., Kohl’s, IKEA, Home Depot and the list goes on and on. The world’s industry leaders are quite aware of the numerous benefits of these products, including cooling cost energy savings due to the heat reflective properties of the COOLWALL® systems.  These product are also environmentally friendly since they are manufactured by incorporating post industrial contents and are designed to exceed state and local Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) requirements.  This means that they not only protect the health of our planet but our health as well since VOCs can have extremely harmful effects on people’s health, ranging from headaches or dizziness to cancer, if there is prolonged exposure to these substances.
The light reflective properties of these revolutionary products and the fact that they are 10 times thicker, on average, than ordinary paint can help lower surface temperatures of exterior walls by as much as 40o Fahrenheit, when compared with traditional paints and coatings. Of course, when we have lower exterior temperatures, we will also have lower interior temperatures. In fact, a study conducted by the U. S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory showed that TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® coatings can reduce a home’s cooling costs by as much as 21.9%.  Finally, since these product have been designed to protect as well as enhance any home they are applied to, homeowners have the opportunity to choose from a full palette of beautiful colors in order to find the perfect hue to suit their home style.  Call us today for a free quote or to arrange a free consultation with our Home Improvement Specialists.