Since receiving our original California State license number 245291, in 1966, Armstrong has been committed to the improvement, beautification and preservation of Bay Area homes and commercial buildings. Our superior technical knowledge, high quality materials and unparalleled work ethic have made us a leader in our industry, while helping to protect your most important investment: your home.

Just being a passive member of the industry with a good track record, has never been the intention of Armstrong, instead, we have always actively searched for better solutions, material and products for the benefit of present and future generations. When we believe that certain products we use can be improved, we invest our time, money and energy in the development of superior products. For example, we were always aware of the need to find a method and material that would offer flat roofs more than a few years protection. Consequently, when Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF was made available over 30 years ago, we were one of the first companies to provide it to our customers. SPF roofing would ultimately become the highest standard for protecting Bay Area treasures like Eichlers. What’s more, during the 1970s, we worked with the country’s largest paint manufacturers to develop the proper protocol for applying acrylic based paints to structures which were normally painted using toxic lead pigment paint. We also worked with Tex-Cote USA to develop a coating material to protect San Francisco’s stucco, asbestos tile and concrete structures from moisture problems. More recently, we have developed the new Temescal Creek line of interior paints that do not emit VOCs, which can cause some people to experience eye and respiratory problems, headaches or dizziness even after a short exposure. In fact, we search the world to offer our clients the healthiest choices available, such as all natural paints manufactured in Germany. Traditionally, the painting industry was one of the “dirtiest” but by developing new products made from natural material like plants, mineral pigments, clay, marble and milk proteins, we are cleaning up!

Our dedication to sustainable development has led us to create a new layer of Armstrong Construction – whole home construction and maintenance with the aim of constructing a house that is in tune with nature and provides health, safety, and happiness. We applied these principles in the construction of our new headquarters which is at the old Berkeley Farms building on San Pablo Avenue in Emeryville. Every action taken by our company takes into account energy efficiency and ecological cost which is why the paints, roofing material, doors and windows we provide are the most energy efficient and eco-friendly available. Some of the products we use, like the natural paints from Germany, can be expensive ($100/gallon), however, we always try to offer more economical solutions without sacrificing quality therefore on the majority of jobs we use Safecoat, a partially synthetic non-toxic paint made by AFM Enterprises of Riverside. The cost of Safecoat is $28, twice the cost of latex paint. The difference translates into approximately 10% higher estimates but for those with chemical sensitivities, or for those who are concerned about the environment, the cost is well worth it.

Essentially, Armstrong has always been a local family owned business which strives to provide the best possible services and products to ALL its clients and the community at large. We have maintained the position as the premier organization in our industry for half a century because our focus has never been the bottom line. We truly believe that we have to do everything in our power to offer our clients the best financially viable solutions and always guarantee our workmanship and products for years to come. We’re extremely proud of the fact that we regularly receive local, state and national awards and accolades for our contributions to the industry and our community. This type of recognition makes us even more confident that we can help you with your needs, no matter how big or small.

Exterior And Interior House Painting

From meticulous preparation to unmatched attention to detail to one of the most comprehensive warranties available, Armstrong Painting has been painting Bay Area homes and commercial buildings for over 50 years. We’ve painted over 20,000 homes and businesses – a record of achievement that’s unmatched in the Bay Area!

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Designer colors – huge choice of styles – top manufacturers and quality installation – Armstrong Windows offers it all! All that – plus over 50 years of experience in window replacement has made us the Bay Area leader!
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Foam Roofing and Composition Shingle Roofing Installation: Residential and Commercial

Preventing damage to your home with quality roofing installation is how we’ve built our reputation as the leader in the Bay Area. Armstrong Roofing has been installing award-winning foam roofing and composition shingle roofing for over 50 years. And we stand behind every roof we install.

Free Color Consultation

Choose our exterior or interior painting and you’ll receive a FREE color consultation with national award-winning color consultant Bob Buckter!

Door Installation and Replacement

Make the first impression to your home the best impression it can be – with an Armstrong Replacement Door System! We offer Bay Area homeowners stunning choices, colors and finishes in replacement doors. See all the styles and accessories available now!

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During the past 50 years, we’ve painted more than 30,000 homes – an unmatched record of protection in the Bay Area.

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The key to protecting your home starts at the top. That’s why you should put us at the top of your list for roofing contractors.


Introducing the Armstrong Select Window & Patio Door System –specially designed to meet our tough standards and the recommendations of our customers.

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