The Armstrong Foam Roofing Installation Process

Due to the popularity of spray foam roofing in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the past few years, the number of foam roofing contractors has increased. However, choosing a roofing contractor with experience and one who has been a part of your community for decades is vital because foam roofing is a specialized process. With over 40 years of foam roofing experience, Armstrong Foam Roofing can proudly say we have perfected the foam roofing installation process and as a result, we have installed more residential foam roofs than any other foam roofing contractor in the United States.

Why Foam Roofing Experience Matters 

Unlike other forms of roofing, spray foam roofing should be applied by highly experienced and qualified individuals since your foam roofing system will only be as good as the contractor who installed it. At Armstrong Foam Roofing, we have always insisted on a vigorous and committed work ethic which we couple with our superior technical knowledge and the use of only the highest quality materials and modern well-maintained equipment. 

There are also a number of important factors that should be considered and adhered to in order for your foam roof to be successfully installed. Armstrong’s 10-step foam roofing installation process means that every roofing system is installed properly and under the correct conditions so that it can last a lifetime. We are so confident in our installation process that we offer all our roofing clients the most comprehensive warranties in the foam roofing industry.

Extensive Foam Roofing Installation Experience and Dedication to Excellence

We are extremely proud of the fact that Armstrong Foam Roofing has been one of San Francisco’s best foam roofing contractors. This is reflected by the fact that we have installed more residential foam roofs than any other foam roofing company in the United States. What’s more, due to our extensive experience, we have been able to collect a wealth of dynamic real-world data about the actual performance of our foam roofing and techniques on real houses in Northern California and their exposure to weather extremes, moisture, salty air, and ultraviolet degradation. This data has been used to form the foundation of our foam roofing installation process. Consequently, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible foam roofing as well as some of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Our Foam Roofing Installation Process Begins Before the Actual Foam Spraying

At Armstrong Foam Roofing, we perform a detailed site survey and provide you with accurate estimates through the use of satellite technology. Before we do any foam roofing work, a pre-site inspection is performed by an Armstrong Installation Department Technician to determine the extent of the preparation that needs to take place prior to the spraying. We also help our clients by acquiring all the job-related permits for which we are reimbursed later on. 

   Armstrong Roofing - flat roof being prepared for spf foam installation Armstrong Roofing - flat roof spf foam installation with an installer adjusting chimney cap


Thorough Preparation

One of the advantages of foam roofing systems is that it isn’t always necessary to remove entirely your existing roofing system or rely on it to provide waterproofing. Our technicians perform a thorough preparation, to ensure your roofing substrate is ready (your substrate will be checked to ensure that it will be securely fastened to your roof deck).

The Armstrong Foam Roofing technicians initially broom clean and prepare your roof for foam and prime it as necessary. According to City Codes, our technicians must tear off up to 2 layers of roofing materials if needed, however, there may be cases where more layers may need to be removed. In addition, we may replace, as necessary, edge metal, stacks, and vents due to their condition so you won’t have to worry about any issues after the foam roofing installation. 

An important part of the preparation process is also the protection and cover of structures or property such as nearby cars. Our technicians will try to ensure that no overspray will reach anything that shouldn’t be covered with foam.

  Armstrong Roofing - protection of cars near a home where spf roofing will be installed Armstrong Roofing - protection of cars near a home where spf roofing will be installed    

Foam Roofing Installation

Armstrong Foam Roofing always installs every roofing system according to manufacturer instructions, with professional well-maintained equipment and highly trained experienced technicians under the correct weather conditions so your foam roof can last a lifetime. The foam is not applied under frosty conditions or when your roof surface has moisture or visible dampness. 

Spraying the Foam

Armstrong Foam Roofing’s technicians carefully spray the closed-cell polyurethane foam mixture onto your roofing substrate. The liquid mixture formed by the two basic materials (isocyanate and polyol) within a few seconds of application, expands up to 30 times its original volume so that it reaches a thickness of  1 ½” + or – ¼ ″, overall average coverage excluding drain sump areas. The spray foam will create a seamless monolithic barrier, that is both water-proofing and insulating. 

             Armstrong Roofing - spf installer spraying the edges of a flat roof Armstrong Roofing - Two spf roofing installers spraying a flat roof

Applying the UV Coating and Granules

Within a few minutes,  the foam cures, and is ready to receive the 2 coats of elastomeric AWS ultraviolet protective coating. Applying the ultraviolet coating to a newly sprayed foam roof is a critical step to ensure the protection of your new roof. U.V. radiation from the sun can break down unprotected foam. Finally, a layer of durable ceramic granules is infused in the elastomeric coating to create a super-strong seamless impenetrable waterproof system.

Armstrong Roofing - flat roof spf foam installation with an installer spraying the roof Armstrong Roofing - flat roof spf foam installation with an installer spraying the roof

Why Choose Armstrong for Your Foam Roof Installation?

Armstrong Foam Roofing is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1966 – that’s over 50 years of dependability. Put our 40-plus years of knowledge and experience in residential and commercial foam roofing to work: our extensive experience in foam / SPF roofing coupled with some of the best, longest-lasting warranties available means that you won’t go wrong with Armstrong Foam Roofing. 

We offer a no-obligation Satellite Roof Estimate and you can also arrange a remote free consultation, either by phone at 1-887-777-1234, via computer, Skype, or by email. Along with all the virtual ways we are providing estimates, we also offer at-home (outside) estimates for your convenience.

Our thousands of satisfied customers in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Rafael, Alameda, Palo Alto, Berkeley, South San Francisco, Daly City, and San Jose, have never regretted having Armstrong Foam Roofing replace their original roofing material with our affordable and long-lasting SPF Roofing.

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