Get Your Foam Roofing Estimates With Satellite Roof Measurements

At Armstrong Foam Roofing, we have always striven to provide our clients with the latest technology and material for the best possible results. Consequently, we can now provide detailed schematics of roofs which include square footage as well as their slope. With all the digital communication tools available, we are also able to present all the necessary information for our clients’ foam roofing estimates virtually, either by phone, computer, Skype, and email.

Satellite Roof Measurements

Our Armstrong Foam Roofing contractors are able to receive measurements of any roof in a very short time with extreme accuracy without the need to visit your home or business. Our aim is to provide you with all the necessary information to enable you to make informed decisions. 

Saving Precious Time

It also happens that roofing issues can sometimes become roofing emergencies so utilizing satellite roof measurements can speed up the process of repairing your roof. There is no need to book appointments in advance to have our roofers visit your home in order to physically take measurements and conduct calculations in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. Our foam roofing experts receive all your roofing measurements electronically and prepare your free no-obligation estimate in the shortest time possible.

How Satellite Information Is Received 

Satellite roof measurements are based on satellite images sourced from Google application programming interfaces (APIs) that receive information and images from Google Earth. The information and images are used to calculate accurately both the square footage and slope of your roof. It is no longer necessary to have individuals climbing on your roof to take physical and time-consuming measurements.

How to Learn More About Our Satellite Roof Estimates

For more information about our satellite roofing estimates for installing your foam roofing system, contact Armstrong Foam Roofing today. We offer a no-obligation quote remotely, either by phone, computer, Skype, and email. Let us show you why Armstrong Foam Roofing is San Francisco Bay Area’s best and most reliable installer of SPF roofing systems.

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