Roof Maintenance: Simple Guidelines

Why Do It?

Just like we need to look after ourselves in order to delay more serious health issues,  we also have to look after our roofs by inspecting them on a regular basis.  Research has shown that when we don’t do regular roof maintenance, our roofs tend to last about half of their expected service lives.  Even if your roof is under warranty, if you don’t keep up with regular roof maintenance, many manufacturers of roofing material will consider your warranty void.  Therefore, you must show that your roof has been maintained on a regular basis.

When You Should Do It

Experienced property managers are aware that the roofs of their buildings need to be inspected at least twice a year to keep their roofs functioning optimally.  Roof maintenance is usually done before the start of seasons with the most extreme weather conditions. In the case of San Francisco and the Bay Area, this is before the rainy season (winter) but also before the hot season (summer) as well.  It’s important to inspect our roof before summer arrives since during summer, UV radiation is higher and our roofs are exposed to high heat and thermal shock due to sudden cooling during the nights or because of summer rainfall.

What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

  1. One very simple thing that everyone can do is keep their drains clean in order to prevent water from spilling over the edges.
  2. If you have any modifications done to your roof, like the addition of a skylight, electrical work, or any installations which require roof penetration, then they should be sealed with a surface-mounted flashing and a high-quality polyurethane sealant.  In order to do a proper seal for the affected areas, you should always call professionals like the experienced and qualified technicians at Armstrong Foam Roofing.
  3. Please note that you should never try to seal cracks, openings, or any type of damage to your roofing system by using silicon sealants that are not compatible. Also, never use asphalt-based products on your foam roof and never use foam products in cans since they will end up soaking water and cause greater damage.
  4. If you have inspected your roof and you have noticed that there may be issues that need addressing, then you should call Armstrong Foam Roofing immediately.  Our expert technicians will advise you as to the best course of action.

To get your roof inspected, call Armstrong Foam Roofing today for a free quote or to arrange a free consultation and let us show you why SPF Roofing is the best investment for your home or business.

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