Armstrong’s clients can be assured of our commitment and dedication to providing them with the highest quality service and products only by taking a look at the trade associations in which Armstrong is a member in good standing.  

Membership in trade associations is vital for any organization as they help it keep up-to-date with the best industry-wide practices and resources.  The trade associations Armstrong belongs to organize seminars and workshops in order to educate their members about upcoming developments thus providing members with a head start on applying and adhering to new standards when they are changed.  What’s more, trade associations can act as  watchdogs for the well-being of their industries and the general public. Customers of organizations belonging to trade associations can be assured that their contractors are following prescribed industry standards. Of course, customers can also approach an association to file a possible grievance if they feel their contractors have not provided them with appropriate services or products.


Armstrong is a proud member of the following Trade Associations:


Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA)

WSRCA is dedicated to enhancing the level of professionalism of its members and maintaining the highest industry standards possible by providing members with education, information and a means to identify and resolve industry problems.  In addition to the annual convention and trade show organized by WSRCA, the Association also provides its members with regular newsletters and trade publications to keep them informed and up-to-date with developments in the roofing industry.  Additionally, it acts as a liaison between manufacturers and contractors.

As a member of the WSRCA, Armstrong receives technical and legal consultation to help it provide its clients with services that meet local and state codes.  Additionally, the information we receive through the publications, seminars and the annual trade show, enable us to offer our clients the most cost-effective, long-term solutions to satisfy their roofing needs.  

Essentially, the WSRCA ensures that its members are informed and educated, use the latest roofing techniques and equipment and maintain a high standard of professionalism.  Consequently, when you are thinking of hiring a member of WSRCA, you can be confident that you will receive high quality service and materials at affordable prices.

GAF Master-Elite™

GAF, founded in 1886, is North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing with almost $3 billion in sales.  Their dedication to quality, industry-leading expertise and comprehensive roofing solutions have made them the preferred choice of professional roofers.  Their products are second to none and they always stand by them while providing the best possible support to professional installers.

GAF has awarded Armstrong the exclusive status of Master-EIite™ Weather Stopper® Roofing Contractor, an honor bestowed to only 3 % of the roofing contractors in North America.  GAF believes Armstrong to be a contractor who has displayed uncompromising commitment to the highest standards in sales, services and installation and ensures that each customer receives their “best and safest choice” in roofing.

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

The NRCA was founded in 1886 as a nonprofit international association that represents any one involved in the roofing industry, including building owners and government agencies at all levels.  Its aim “is to inform and assist the roofing industry, act as its principal advocate and help members in serving their customers”.

As one of the more than 3,500 members of this highly respected trade association, Armstrong is able to benefit from the information, education, technical assistance, testing and research, advocacy, publications, programs and support offered to all its members. By being an active member in such a progressive and comprehensive association, Armstrong is able to ensure that our clients will receive the best possible roofing services.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)

The SPFA was founded in 1987 to represent the spray polyurethane foam industry, educate and provide technical resources on foam roofing, insulation, coating and installations. It works closely with the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Center for Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) and the Sprayfoam Coalition in order to better serve the spray polyurethane foam industry’s business needs on local, state, and national issues.

As a member of the SPFA, Armstrong has the opportunity to participate in certification programs on spray polyurethane foam roofing, inspections, building envelope and health and safety.  Armstrong also receives technical literature and guidelines on spray polyurethane foam roofing,  commercial, residential or industrial insulation, air/moisture control systems and thermal barriers.  What’s more, we always attend the annual Spray Foam Convention and Exposition since we have the opportunity to meet with suppliers, researchers, and industry experts and discuss the state of industry trends, technology, equipment, and opportunities.

Golden State Builders Exchanges (GSBE)

The GSBE was established 1996 to offer a group workers’ compensation program to licensed contractors and others in the construction industry in partnership with State Compensation Insurance Fund.  The GSBE has 20 independently managed Builders Exchanges which serve over 10,000 member firms in California, making it the largest representative of construction-related companies in California. Due to its large and varied membership, GSBE “provide a truly balanced and representative industry viewpoint on the full range of issues impacting the construction industry”. As a member, Armstrong participates in seminars and workshops and is also provided with publications, and other services to ensure that our employees are offered the appropriate benefits. By providing our employees with a safe work environment, they are more productive and their quality of work is of the highest level.