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Foam roofing is a specialized process. With 4 decades of foam roofing experience in the Bay Area, Armstrong can proudly say we have installed more residential foam roofs than anyone in the United States.

1. Pre-site inspection

Pre-site inspection by an Armstrong Installation Department Technician.

2. Supply all job related permits.

Homeowner to reimburse Armstrong for permit fee.

3. Broom clean and prepare roof for foam

Prime as necessary.

4. Tear off up to 2* layers of roofing materials if necessary

To conform with City Codes.

* or more if required.

5. Installation of Class A substrate if required

A Class-A substrate may or may not be required by law.

6. Replace as necessary edge metal, stacks and vents

In rare cases the replacement of stacks and vents is required due to condition of the existing materials

7. Apply 1 1/2" AWS* SPF roofing

+ or – 1/4″, overall average coverage excluding drain sump areas

* AWS stands for Armstrong Weather-Guard System

8. Apply 2 coats of AWS ultraviolet protective coating

Applying ultra violet coating to a newly sprayed foam roof is a critical step to ensure the protection of your new roof. U.V. radiation from the sun can break down unprotected foam.

9. Broadcast granules into finish coat

Color of coating & granules to be white, light grey or tan.

10. Roof completion

Your new foam roof is complete.

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